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Greetings from New Hope Camp & Conference Center.  We are approaching the end of another challenging year.


The Positives

  • This year our summer camp program exceeded all our expectations. We doubled the numbers of registrations from 2020. We continued to follow our Covid-19 protocols and more importantly we continued to provide the high quality program that you expect from New Hope Camp.  After a year of limited social interaction and with few opportunities to get outside and play with friends, this summer provided what we know each child needed, just to be a kid again. You can never hide a smile behind a mask.

  • We continued our remote learning program through to the end of the academic year.

  • Starting in July we were able to offer our afterschool program, teacher workdays, and track out camp. We know that our children felt some degree of a normal schedule despite the continued mask mandate and Covid-19 restrictions.


Continued Challenges

  • Our retreat business is slow to recover due to the Covid-19 mandates. In a normal year one third of our income comes from hosting retreat groups and meetings. 

  • We continued to restrict use of the pool to patrons to ensure the health and safety of our campers.

  • We are still unable to provide food service from our kitchen to our large retreat groups.

  • We have stopped our Teambuilding Program for an indefinite period of time.



We hope that 2022 will bring a year of what was ‘normal’ in 2019.

The Covid-19 assistance money for 2020 and 2021 supported our operating expenses. No Covid-19 assistance money is expected for 2022. Regardless of income we still have bills to pay and buildings that need repaired.


We thank all those who have continued to support us with their donations to our Annual Fund, Emergency Operating Fund and Summer Scholarship Fund. We are truly blessed to have your commitment. We never thought we would have to face a financial challenge such as this, but we did. You helped us keep going. We will continue to keep going.  We do good, important work, we accomplish our mission which is to provide, within a unique natural setting, a place apart for persons of all faiths, to grow in their relationship with God, themselves, and others in an environment of Christian hospitality.


Many people love New Hope Camp and want to see it continue to grow and support all those who call this place home. Please consider us with your tax deductible year-end giving.



‘New Hope Camp and its staff have become a 2nd family to us.  My son comes home happy, dirty, and exhausted- I couldn’t ask for more!’ ~ parent of camper, 2021


New Hope Camp and Conference Center is a 501 C3 not for profit Church Corporation owned, supported, and operated by area Presbyterian Churches. For your tax records, our EIN is 55-0818277.

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New Hope Camp & Conference Center Endowment Fund


The earnings from your endowment donations can sustain and enhance the programs and legacy of New Hope Camp & Conference Center (NHCCC).  No contribution is too small.  We can accept your tax-deductible donation as a check or transfer of stock and securities.  If you wish to include NHCCC in your estate plans, please contact:

Cassandra Gabe at or 919-942-4716.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Begun in 1948 as a camp for youth, we have a proud 60 year plus history and heritage to celebrate and to advance. We hope you will continue to be a part of this place as members of the Friends of New Hope Camp and Conference Center!

You are invited to join our efforts as a Friend of New Hope Camp and Conference Center. The Friends organization will help to create new programs, spruce up the camp through financial contributions, share ideas for providing leadership activities with and for youth, and broaden the ways we serve the Triangle Community. Our Board, representing 6 area Presbyterian Churches, has organized new committees for specific tasks relative to our goals. As our organization moves forward, we need your help and support.

In 2009 New Hope Camp & Conference Center had a total of 638 camper weeks over 9 weeks of camp. This year our campers will spend up to 9 weeks playing, learning, laughing and growing together in a loving faith community. Our summer of songs, games, and devotions help our campers appreciate the natural world around them, one another and God’s role in all of that. Likewise, our retreat business continues to grow. Over the past year, over 7,000 people have enjoyed retreats, meetings, conferences, weddings and reunions here. New Hope Camp is a place that so many enjoy. Help us continue to be that quiet place in our world where people can come together in community with one another and with God.

We realize that over the past year, many charitable organizations have needed your support. The recent natural disasters have wrecked much havoc and much is needed to help victims in our country and beyond. But, please consider what you can offer locally this coming year to New Hope Camp and Conference Center.

Consider all the ways in which you can give to camp and help us perpetuate our mission, vision and ministry in this place. We cannot do it alone. We want you, the people of our community, to be involved in this camp and conference center. Please contact us with questions or ideas. We appreciate your support and we look forward to serving you in this ministry.

Our Sponsoring Churches Include:

The Church Of Reconciliation – Presbyterian Church (USA)
Hawfields Presbyterian Church
Hillsborough Presbyterian Church
New Hope Presbyterian Church
University Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church


New Hope Camp & Conference Center is a proud affiliate of:

The Presbyterian Church (USA)


The Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Association


Previous Annual Fund Letters

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