2020 .......the end of a very strange year

I bring you greetings from New Hope Camp & Conference Center.  We are rapidly approaching the end of an incredibly challenging year. In a normal year our operating budget is funded through several revenue streams.  About one third of our income comes from hosting retreat groups and meetings.  A little better than a third comes from our Summer Camp and Day Camp for children.  The remaining comes from a combination of our After-School program, membership pool during the summer, and gifts and support from donors.  Unfortunately, this has been far from a normal year.

Starting in mid-March, the After-School program came to a halt; we lost all of our retreat business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and doubted our ability to run a summer program.  Fortunately, by the time June came around we were able to run a limited summer camp program.  We were only able to run our Day Camp program at 50% of our normal capacity and were not able to do any residential camp.  We were so glad to be able to serve families with a limited summer program.  We operated the pool for the children at camp and opened it to membership on the weekends at 50% capacity.

We had a wonderful summer with the children who came.  They were so ready to come to camp, even though it did not look like our normal program.  We checked temperatures upon arrival, gathered in groups of ten, wore masks, and stayed outside as much as possible.  Because we were extremely cautious and planned well, we were lucky and had only one COVID-19 scare.

Here we are in Late November. Our remote learning program has not proven to be as financially rewarding as we hoped. Many families cannot afford the cost of this kind of program. We have used scholarship money to help the families we could.

Small groups have been using our outdoor space for gatherings. Hopefully the retreat business will pick-up in the spring. That will totally depend on what the COVID virus does.

We have economized everywhere we can.  We ran camp with as few staff as we safely could and still offer a quality and fun program.  Because of the lack of retreat business, we have eliminated the retreat coordinator position.  The maintenance and housekeeping staff are operating with fewer hours.  We have cut costs wherever we can to survive the year.

Having said all this, it comes down to the fact that without the support of donors, we will not make it financially until the end of the year.  We do good, important work, we accomplish our mission which is to provide, within a unique natural setting, a place apart for persons of all faiths, to grow in their relationship with God, themselves, and others in an environment of Christian hospitality.

I am asking you to support this ministry with your prayers and financial gifts. Many people love New Hope Camp and want to see it survive 2020. Please consider us with your year-end giving.  Would you help us, please? You can send us a check or make a donation on line at our web-site www.newhopeccc.org. We are counting on you to get us to the end of the year and on to 2021.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Begun in 1948 as a camp for youth, we have a proud 60 year plus history and heritage to celebrate and to advance. We hope you will continue to be a part of this place as members of the Friends of New Hope Camp and Conference Center!

You are invited to join our efforts as a Friend of New Hope Camp and Conference Center. The Friends organization will help to create new programs, spruce up the camp through financial contributions, share ideas for providing leadership activities with and for youth, and broaden the ways we serve the Triangle Community. Our Board, representing 6 area Presbyterian Churches, has organized new committees for specific tasks relative to our goals. As our organization moves forward, we need your help and support.

In 2009 New Hope Camp & Conference Center had a total of 638 camper weeks over 9 weeks of camp. This year our campers will spend up to 9 weeks playing, learning, laughing and growing together in a loving faith community. Our summer of songs, games, and devotions help our campers appreciate the natural world around them, one another and God’s role in all of that. Likewise, our retreat business continues to grow. Over the past year, over 7,000 people have enjoyed retreats, meetings, conferences, weddings and reunions here. New Hope Camp is a place that so many enjoy. Help us continue to be that quiet place in our world where people can come together in community with one another and with God.

We realize that over the past year, many charitable organizations have needed your support. The recent natural disasters have wrecked much havoc and much is needed to help victims in our country and beyond. But, please consider what you can offer locally this coming year to New Hope Camp and Conference Center.

Consider all the ways in which you can give to camp and help us perpetuate our mission, vision and ministry in this place. We cannot do it alone. We want you, the people of our community, to be involved in this camp and conference center. Please contact us with questions or ideas. We appreciate your support and we look forward to serving you in this ministry.

Our Sponsoring Churches Include:

The Church Of Reconciliation – Presbyterian Church (USA)
Hawfields Presbyterian Church
Hillsborough Presbyterian Church
New Hope Presbyterian Church
University Presbyterian Church
Westminster Presbyterian Church


New Hope Camp & Conference Center is a proud affiliate of:

The Presbyterian Church (USA)


The Presbyterian Church Camp & Conference Association

New Hope Camp & Conference Center Endowment Fund

The earnings from your endowment donations can sustain and enhance the programs and legacy of New Hope Camp & Conference Center (NHCCC).  No contribution is too small.  We can accept your tax-deductible donation as a check or transfer of stock and securities.  If you wish to include NHCCC in your estate plans, please contact:

Richard Stevens, Richard@newhopeccc.org or 919-942-4716.


Support Our Camp

Annual Fund


December 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, and as we look back on this year, we can celebrate many successes.  Unfortunately, this year was a financial disappointment.  While retreat usage was up, summer camp attendance was down.  That, combined with a shorter camp season, contributed to reduced revenues. The resulting shortfall requires us to put a critical eye on our ministry, mission, and message as we begin preparations for 2020.  We are pursuing additional outreach in our faith communities for participation and support. 

Our ministry continues -  After-School at New Hope welcomes about 50 children every afternoon.  Families value a place where their children can be outdoors, in a safe environment, and grow in community together.  On our Retreat side, we host a variety of groups using our facilities to get away from their day-to-day routine.   We’re working to ensure that more people find our site a special place to meet, meditate, and enjoy our natural setting.

If you believe that summer camp is a wonderful experience for our youth of today and that Camp New

Hope is “a place apart” to introduce youngsters to God’s wonderful creation, we encourage you to partner with us by making a monetary donation to the camp.  If you have supported us in the past, please consider increasing your level of support. 


There are several ways to reach us.   

  • Drop a check in the mail, memo- “Annual Fund”

  • Visit our web site and click on the Donate button.   From there you can designate a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift.

We are an independent non-profit 501c-3 tax-exempt organization.


Visit us.  If you have never visited the Camp or if it’s been awhile since you’ve dropped by, we’d love to show you around.  The fall is a wonderful time of year to walk our Labyrinth, sit by our lake and take in the scenery, or maybe visit our office for a tour.  Think how we might be able to host your next meeting, workshop, or family get-together.


Thank you for your support in the past.  We need your continued donations to make this ministry work.  Please prayerfully consider making a financial gift to New Hope Camp this month.  It is through the generosity of people like you that this ministry continues.

What else can you do?  

  • Support our ministry through social networking or word-of-mouth recommendations to your families, churches, and communities.  

  • Support our ministry by volunteering your time and talents.  Call our office and find out more about those opportunities.

  • Support the future of our ministry by including us in your estate plans.

Thank you

Richard Stevens                                                               Walt Beckwith

Executive Director                                                            Board Chair


NHCCC Endowment Fund

Did you know that earnings from your endowment donations can sustain and enhance the programs and legacy of New Hope Camp & Conference Center? 

Please contact Richard Stevens at 919-942-4716 or richard@newhopeccc.org.