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High School Crew

The High School Crew 

Rising 10th Graders Only

Mandatory Training Week : June 13th—17th

($385 for the first week only)

Volunteer Work for Summer

The goal is to learn about Camp from a different perspective

by serving meals, cleaning dishes, and learning about the

diverse jobs around Camp. The program is designed to complement the camper experience and prepare members to join the camp as counselors-in-training the following year. Crew members will also get to enjoy their own activities and will receive CPR training. Successful participants will come away from this program with valuable leadership skills that will serve them well at home, in school, and in their own community.

                                                   After the training week participants are able to volunteer during the summer.                                                             Participants are able to volunteer on a weekly basis during the summer.                                                                         Volunteering is not guaranteed and is based on work performance. CPR training                                                       is provided as part of the program.

HS Crew
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