We believe that children need a break at the end of the day to play outside. We have 165 acres for the kids to explore, build forts, play games, go hiking or just head to the playground. During pool season we get to jump in a cool off at the end of a long day.

We set aside time to complete homework if requested. 

Our program provides transportation from Hillsborough Elementary,  River Park, and Central.
 Transportation for students who attend New Hope Elementary is provided by Orange County School system. 



Intersession & Teacher Workdays


Intersession Camps


Our intersession camps are a fun way to spend a week

during a school break. Our activities are based on the

exciting weekly themes. 

Drop-off after 7:30am. Pick-up before 6:00pm


Campers need to bring their own lunch.

Snacks will be provided.




Camps are available for K-5th grade

Intersession Dates

September 20th - 24th 

'Falling into Fall'

September 27th - October 1st

'Down in the Deep Blue Sea'

October 4th - 8th

'Construction Junction'

January 3rd - 7th

'Journey to the South Pole'

March 15th - 18th 

'What's Cookin' '

March 21st - 25th 

'Journey to Far off Places'

March 28th - April 1st

'Treasure Island'


Teacher Workdays

Drop-off after 7:30am. Pick-up before 6:00pm


Campers need to bring their own lunch.

Snacks will be provided.




Camps are available for K-5th grade




Parent Information


PARENT HANDBOOK (2021/2022 ACADEMIC YEAR)  – Click Here 

Inclement Weather Policy – Click here

Behavior Policy – Click here



An annual non-refundable $50 registration fee per student is due at time of registration. The table below is a breakdown of payments.


The annual fee is $2,360. Billing cycles are based on the school calendar.

Hillsborough Elementary: 12 months – June 15th 2021 – June 8th 2022 $196.50

Traditional Schools : 9 months – August 23rd 2021 – June 8th 2022 $262.00


Available ONLY to campers who use  Orange County School Transportation . (Currently New Hope Elementary only)

Payment is always 1 month in advance.

Payment options include : Visa, MasterCard, Cash, or Checks. Checks should be made payable to “NHCCC” 
We do not accept Discover or American Express



General Information:

What is the Camper to Staff Ratio?
Our camper to counselor ratio is 1:15. We aim to keep it lower, but it will not exceed that.

What happens if I need to withdraw my child?
In order to withdraw a child from the After School Program, two weeks’ written notice is required.

 What time does afterschool close?
The after school program closes promptly each evening at 6pm.


What happens if the schools are released early because of bad weather?

Please refer to our inclement weather policy. We follow Orange County Schools guidelines. We will not be collecting children from school if there is an early release outside of those already scheduled.


What time our intersession programs?

You may drop your child off at 7:30am and pick up by 6pm. There is a late fee after 6pm.


Do I have to enroll my child for the whole week of intersession?



What happens if my child is sick, do I get a refund?

In lieu of a refund we will use the funds towards a future teacher workday.

Our parent handbook contains the following information:
Lost and Found

Clothing and Skin Protection
Late Payment
Continued Enrollment
Attendance and Pick Up
Health and Safety Procedures
Policy on Sick Children
Inclement Weather
Grievance Procedure