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Requirements for our Camp Counselors

Got grit?

Working at a summer camp can be difficult sometimes. A storm comes through and forces you to come up with a new activity.  A homesick camper keeps you up late and you’re tired. Counselors with grit roll with the punches and keep going with a positive and happy spirit.

Camper focused.

We want people who are here because they want to provide a fun and positive experience for the campers who come. We want people who are going to invest in the lives of the kids at camp. Everything else is just a bonus.


As a counselor, you are entrusted with a heavy burden. You are the one who needs to maintain the safety of your campers at all times. If you are careless, the consequences could be dangerous. We can’t afford to hire irresponsible staff.

Hard working.

Unlike other jobs, this one has you running from time the sun rises until it sets (and even after that). When you choose to be idle, your campers receive a second rate experience, and that just isn’t fair to them. The best counselors give every activity and every moment their all.

If you have the requirements then join our team!




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