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Multi-Use Facilities

These facilities have beds AND meeting spaces.
If you would like to reserve any of our facilities or get more information please complete the form and email or call 919-942-4716.

Reservation Worksheet

Green Forest

May Guest House

  • Central living room

  • Full kitchen

  • Four bedrooms, each sleeps three

  • Two bathrooms, each serving the two adjoining bedrooms

  • Heat and air conditioning

  • Living space can hold up to 15

  • Sleeps 12


If day-use only, $175/day

Dogwood Lodge

  • Building is t-shaped with a meeting room, fireplace, and kitchen down the middle, with two bathrooms and bedrooms on either side

  • Full kitchen

  • Heat and air conditioning

  • Meeting space can hold up to 40

  • Sleeps 24 (Two large bunkrooms, each sleeps 12)


If day-use only, $315/day

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