Summer Overnight Camp

The Adventures don’t stop with day camp activities we keep going…..

The Amazing Race

June 13th  - June 18th

Rising 5th - 9th

$495 for week

Our 3rd year around the world…. Are you ready for a world class  competition. —Grab your passport and earn your frequent flyer miles. This week we will ‘fly’ off to Australia, Honduras, Finland, and Nigeria. Each day our globetrotting campers will travel to different countries to play local games, explore their new environment, and sample some delicacies from around the world. Every activity earns points for their team. Our race continues during our 1 day off site trip which will be disclosed to our        competitors upon arrival. Our Amazing Race victors will be crowned at the end of the week.

So pack your bags as we set off on our Amazing Race.

Check in for our weeklong race travelers is on Sunday, June 13th, at 6pm.

Rookies join the race for 1 overnight on Thursday, June 17th.

A Joyful Noise

July 5th - 9th

Rising 5th - 9th

$495 for week

Ready to make some music and dance the night away


Our noisemakers will enjoy a full day of camp and create their own    instruments from nature. They will come up with their own dance and teach our campers some great new moves. At night, more noise when we have lip sync battles and our jam sessions. Finishing off the week with a talent show and leading our campers in Friday morning vespers.


Get ready to shake a pine cone, bang tree log drums and create as much noise as possible. It is Joyful Noise - right?

Your noisy week begins on Monday, July 5th, at 7am

Rookies join in the noise for 1 overnight on Thursday, July 8th

Night Owl

July 18th - 23rd

Rising 5th - 9th

$495 for week 

Not a morning person? Then we will adjust our clocks and  activities to the Night Owl schedule.


Night Owl campers get to sleep late after each of their night adventures.

During the daylight hours they will join in the fun with our day

activities, but as the rest of camp heads home, it will be time to break out the flashlights for a night of after dark fun ~ night swims, night time canoeing, and night time hikes. Understand the stars with a local astronomer guiding us through the galaxy and nocturnal critters brought to us by a local non-profit.

The week ends with a night dance  - with campers-  not those nocturnal critters…..

Join us for things that go bump in the night.                                                                                                               

"let the wild rumpus start!”
― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Night Owls arrive at dusk…….on Sunday, July 18th, at 6pm.



Rookie Camps

Rising 4th - 5th

$330 for week

This is a camp for Rising 4th and 5th grade campers. These camps will run during the week of overnight camp.

Our Rookies will spend a week   enjoying all the fun activities at day camp and on Thursday night enjoy the unique activities that only ourovernight campers experience.

Ending the night on s’mores and sleeping in bunk houses.

It is a great way to give overnight camp a try.

June 14th—18th— one           overnight on Thursday 17th

July 5th—9th—one overnight on Thursday 8th