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MAY 20TH 2020


Starting at 5pm on Friday May 22, 2020, North Carolina will begin Phase 2. Under Phase 2 outdoor pools are able to open at a 50% capacity.  We have been provided by the NC Department of Health and Human Services guidelines on operating an outdoor pool safely. Guidelines have included: Social distancing. Cloth Face Coverings, Cleaning, Hygiene, Water and Ventilation systems.

At this time New Hope Camp does not have a date to open the pool to patrons. Once a decision has been made we will let you know.

May 18th 2020

 Hello families

We wanted to let you know the camp has and continues to update a list of the Standard Operating Procedures for Summer Camp Season 2020.  A more detailed document will be created with specifics.

We are currently waiting for Governor Cooper to decide if we have transitioned to phase 2 and how this will impact any plans that have put in place. We have submitted details of our procedures to the NC Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that we have met the standards outlined in their memo dated May 6th, 2020.

The following topics address are:

•           Drop off/Arrival Procedure

•           Signage

•           Staff Assignments

•           Health Screenings

•           Preventing the spread

•           Activities

•           Hygiene

•           List of updated cleaning chemicals

•           Snacks and lunch

•           Use of Dining Hall

•           During the day routine/schedule changes

•           Updated Staff Training and material used

As a reminder all residential camps have been cancelled and we will no longer have off-site field trips. The health and safety of our campers and staff determines decisions that we make and while they are difficult we will continue to use appropriate guidelines during the summer to assess any changes that need to happen.

Again once we know more about phases we will send out a comprehensive memo for you to read and this will be attached to all incoming registrations.

Hang in there – we are working on this!

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