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2024 Registration opens January 11th

Since 1949, New Hope Camp has offered summer camps for elementary, middle, and high school youth. Our exciting, safe, and intentional approach to youth programming has impacted many campers, families, and staff members throughout the decades. 

Our Day Camps are jam-packed with fun and creative activities from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Whether you are looking for a quality summer camp experience without the overnight stay, or simply looking for the most interactive and fun option to secure supervision for your child during the workday, a week (or two or three or eight!) at New Hope is a week well spent. 

Our Residential Camps are designed with Outdoor Ministry in mind. During the day, these campers will participate in many of the same activities as the day camp participants. In the evenings, they will get a chance to participate in worship at the Vespers Area, play night games, share in nightly devotions, and sleep in cabins.



Registration is open for Intersession & Teacher Workdays during the 2022-2023 school year.

New Hope Camp has offered community programming for afterschool care, intersession weeks, and teacher workdays since 2015. Our staff are patient listeners, creative problem solvers, fun creators, and communicative leaders. 

Our Afterschool Program is comprised of students from seven area schools who gather at camp at the end of each school day. Here, they become one community of children and youth who play, create, and improve their social skills in a safe, outdoor environment. 

Our Intersession Camps & Teacher Workdays offer the same quality outdoor programming as our Afterschool Program, but registrations for these options are independently selected. If your child has the day (or week) off from school, our camp staff is ready to provide them with lots of fun activities and plenty of outdoor play time. 

Retreat Space

True hospitality starts at New Hope Camp and Conference. Whether it is a business meeting, workshop, family reunion, or a wedding we offer a one of a kind experience.

We offer creative team-building for your groups it help build relationships, renew enthusiasm, explore personal growth, kindle imagination, or energize your meeting or conference.

“This is where we all learn to live in community.”

Richard Stevens, Former Executive Director

Contact Us

4805 NC-86, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA

(919) 942-4716

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