Team Building

How Effective Is Your Team?

Strengthen your conference, meeting or retreat with energy and variety. Actively engage your team with sessions geared towards fun – with a purpose!

Our staff offers a unique array of creative team building options to help your group build relationships, renew enthusiasm, explore personal growth, kindle the imagination, or energize your meeting or conference.

You tell us your requirements, we make all the arrangements and help make your gathering the most talked-about for years to come.

Creative Team Building options are:

  • Engaging
  • Action-oriented
  • Fun • Innovative
  • Memorable • Exciting
  • Thought-provoking
  • Experiential
  • Interactive

Each session can be customized for your group. If you have special outcomes in mind, let us know. All sessions can incorporate a debriefing discussion to help understand and identify learning.

Outdoor Team Challenge

These sequential creative problem-solving challenges help teams develop a greater understanding of what it takes to become even more effective. Teams communicate, share and develop ideas, and make decisions to creatively solve challenges in an environment of fun and exploration. Activities are carefully designed to meet identified outcomes for the team. The debriefing encourages learning, application, and links to the workplace.

What will your group learn to do together?

  • Launch new teams
  • Understand the strengths each member brings to the team
  • Learn the value of effective communication
  • Practice effective teamwork and cooperation
  • Practice creative problem-solving
  • Develop personal leadership

Leading Teams Creatively

Improvisation tools and techniques can provide an opportunity to practice challenging “real life” patterns. Improvisation provides a “creative container” in which we can practice team development and adapt to change in positive and innovative ways. Participants explore various ways of using narrative, storytelling, and improvisation to increase team members’ capacity for building trust, creative risk-taking, enhanced communication skills, and increased personal presence. This session can be tailored to focus on either individual team members, or at the organizational level.

What will your group learn to do together?

  • Build trust and engage in creative risk-taking
  • Experience whole-brain thinking and how it relates to leading teams
  • Cultivate personal presence – the ability to be centered and aware in each moment of communication
  • Apply practical and complementary lessons from the theatre world when leading an organizational change process

Using the form below tell us more about the event you would like to hold at NHCCC or call us at 919-942-4716 so that we can tailor your experience to your group.