Swimming Lessons

Swim Lessons are Open for Registration

Swim Lessons

  • Eligible Participants Those wishing to receive swimming lessons must purchase a pool pass before swimming lessons are scheduled. You can apply for a pool pass online or at the office. A pool pass must be picked up at the office. Receipt of purchase is not a valid pass.
  • Swim Lessons Lessons must be arranged in advance. You are able to register for swim lessons online https://newhopeccc.campbrainregistration.com/ or contact the office at            919-942-4716.  Please note that talking with the Water Safety Instructor (WSI) does  not qualify for advance arrangement.
  • Cancellations We understand that unexpected events are part of having children. If you find that you must cancel a lesson, please kindly give our office as much notice as possible. You can leave a message on our voice mail at 942-4716 or email us at info@newhopeccc.org . If a lesson is not cancelled before 9am on the day of the lesson we will be unable to issue a refund. 
  • Weather Summertime storms can be spontaneous and spotty. Often, we can experience violent storms here at camp while downtown Chapel Hill or Hillsborough are basking in the sun. Likewise, if it is raining at your house on the day of your lesson, the camp may be experiencing great weather. The Water Safety Instructor will do his/her best to notify you if your lesson must be cancelled due to weather. It is important that we have all phone numbers for you so that we can prevent unnecessary trips out to camp. You will not be required to pay for missed lessons due to weather cancellations by the WSI. If our WSI does not cancel the lesson, and you do not show up because of weather at your house, you will be charged for the lesson. Missed lessons due to weather will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience of you and the WSI.
  •  Payment This is due at the time of registration.