Rental Policies


 ACCIDENTS / INJURIES / INSURANCE New Hope Camp and Conference Center do not provide medical staff for rental groups. Although some of the camp staff are trained in first aid and would assist if available, groups using New Hope Camp and Conference Center facilities are responsible for first aid & CPR while they are here. The camp provides secondary accident insurance coverage only. If an attendee becomes ill at camp, his/her own insurance will apply.

 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES / DRUGS ONLY Champagne and Wine are allowed inside Dogwood Lodge, Fleming Lodge and the Dining Hall only when groups have completed the alcohol agreement and paid an additional $200 refundable alcohol deposit. Alcohol is not allowed in any other building or in any other part of the camp. Drugs are prohibited on site. It is up to the group leaders to enforce this policy. Groups using alcohol without permission and/or drugs will be asked to leave the premises immediately with no refund of deposits. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the camp grounds. The primary designated outdoor smoking areas are the front and back fire circles.

 AQUATIC AREAS NO SWIMMING is allowed during the off-season. The pool is available for use from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

  • SWIMMING POOL Groups may swim at times specified on their contract. By requesting to use the facility and signing the rental agreement, the group leader releases the camp from all liability associated with swimming & waterfront use. Charges applied for pool use are for those who enter the pool area. For the purpose of supervision the group leader or a responsible adult must be in the pool area during your group’s pool activities. Please refer to the pool rules online at
  • LAKE (Located South of the Swimming Pool) Boating activities must be scheduled in advance of your event with the camp office. If applicable groups must arrange for canoe rental check-in and check-out from the office. Please note that use of canoes is subject to availability. Life jackets must be worn at all times by all boaters regardless of age or skill and safe boating practices must be followed. ALL waterfront activities must be supervised by a certified lifeguard. New Hope Camp and Conference Center lifeguards supervise all aquatic activities during the summer and are scheduled as available. You may bring your own certified lifeguard. A current copy of Lifeguard certification will be required. Unauthorized use of the lake is absolutely prohibited.
  • POND (Located North of the front Fire Circle) the pond trail is available for hiking but no waterfront activities are to be conducted at the front pond.

 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT This must be requested at the time of booking for availability.

 BUILDING USE Please keep facility doors closed during your stay. This keeps our heating/cooling costs down as well as keeps wildlife in their own habitat. Use only blue painter’s tape on the walls, no scotch tape or staples. No confetti please. Candles must be in a container and not freestanding. Feel free to post directional signs for your group to locate their assigned area. PLEASE remove the signs when you leave.

 CABIN & LODGE CLEAN-UP Each group is expected to leave the facilities cleaned up after their event. Brooms and other cleaning equipment are provided in each building. Clean-up instructions will be provided. Please have your group pick up bits of trash, candy wrappers, and other litter on the ground in your area. If you have posted signs or other decorations, please remove them. We reserve the right to assess a $25 cleaning fee if necessary.

 CAMPFIRES All open fires must be contained in existing campfire circles. Campfires must be scheduled in your reservation contract. Do not cut branches or trees for firewood. The camp makes firewood available at no charge subject to availability. Make SURE your fire is put out with water before you leave.

 DAMAGES If damages occur to the facilities or property as a result of a group’s use (including but not limited to broken windows, broken tables, wall or paint damage, etc.) a charge equal to the cost of repair/replacement will be invoiced to the billing contact for the reservation.

 EMERGENCIES Should an emergency arise on the grounds you should immediately call 911 for proper assistance. After you have communicated your needs to the 911 Emergency Dispatch, you may also contact New Hope Camp and Conference Center staff for assistance. Staff is available on site Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm. A telephone number after hours will be posted on the office door. All incidents must be reported in writing to the camp office by the group leader at the earliest practical time.

FIRE In the event of a fire, evacuation of all buildings and user areas is required. Make certain that 911 have been contacted. All persons on the premises should gather in the front or back playing fields. Group leaders MUST conduct a roll call from a written list of names of attendees, to determine that all persons are accounted for; this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
MEDICAL EMERGENCY In the event of a medical emergency call 911.
SEVERE WEATHER In the event of life-threatening weather, evacuation to the back hall of the Dining Hall is recommended. Seek the nearest shelter if you cannot safely reach the Dining Hall. Group leaders MUST conduct a roll call from a written list of names of attendees, to determine that all persons are accounted for; this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Stay away from windows, gather near interior walls, and stay low and protect vital parts. Contact 911, or New Hope Camp and Conference Center staff as appropriate to the situation.
LAW ENFORCEMENT in the event of a crime or suspicious activity please contact 911 immediately. Camp staff should also be notified as soon as is practical.

 LABYRINTH (Path located near back side of the pool) The outdoor labyrinth is a shared use area. At the time of your reservation please notify the office if your group would like to use the labyrinth.

 PERSONAL PROPERTY All camp users bring personal property onto the premises at their own risk. New Hope Camp and Conference Center is not liable for loss, damage or theft of personal property. All lost and found items should be turned in to the camp office.

 PLAYGROUND AND BASKETBALL COURT These are shared-use areas. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

 PLUMBING Turn off faucets when not in use. Do NOT overfill toilets with paper. Wait until water stops running to flush between bathroom visits. Contact camp personnel if further action is needed.

 PROHIBITED ITEMS Beer, liquor, guns and fireworks are prohibited on New Hope Camp and Conference Center property. Pets are not allowed at the camp. Use of chain saws and other power tools is prohibited.

 QUIET HOURS Quiet hours are from 10 pm – 8 am. Please be sure that your group abides by these quiet hours and that all persons stay in the area of their lodge and cabins.

 SAFETY & PROHIBITED AREAS The group leader is responsible for informing their group of all safety procedures. The workshop, tractor shed/maintenance areas and site house are off-limits. The camp is blessed with abundant wildlife; please enjoy them from a distance. Please do not attempt to feed, approach, or touch any wildlife. Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes are indigenous to this area. Poison oak and poison ivy grow around the camp and users should stay clear. Various bees, wasps, spiders, ticks and mosquitoes are active during warm months. Report any wildlife not exhibiting normal behavior to the camp staff.

 STAYING OVERNIGHT If you are staying overnight in a building you should bring all necessary bedding and any equipment you might need (i.e., sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, flashlight, or sleeping bag). The camp furnishes only the mattress and bed. Children under 15 can only sleep in top bunks that have bed rails. No food in Cabins without kitchens. Group leaders are responsible for making sure no candy, food, or drinks are brought into the cabins. Ants, bugs and bees find these items in just a few hours and make cabin life unpleasant.

 TELEPHONES The office telephones are for camp business and emergency calls. The camp office phones are staffed during normal business hours 9am- 5pm Monday through Friday. We recommend that your group have a cell phone available.

 UNIT KITCHENS If your group is doing its own cooking, the kitchen you have rented is supplied with a standard size refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, basic kitchenware and utensils. We suggest you bring any additional items or specialty cookware that you will need to meet your cooking needs. We also suggest that you bring paper goods and dish detergent. The camp is not liable for any illness or injury arising from the group’s preparation of its own meals.

 VEHICLES It is expected that participants’ vehicles will remain parked while on the premises. Vehicles must stay on established gravel roads. Do not drive in front of or around cabins. Use cabin driveways for loading and unloading only. Park only in the designated areas; do not block the gravel roads, these are fire lanes. The camp-wide speed limit is 10 MPH.