Annual Fund

December 2017

New Hope Camp and Conference Center, Inc. provides a unique natural setting, a place apart for persons of all ages and faiths to grow in their relationship with God, themselves, and others in an environment of Christian hospitality.

We bring you greetings from New Hope Camp & Conference Center. This has been an exciting year to be involved in our ministry of providing a wonderful space for all ages and groups to gather and retreat from the day-to-day world. We are indeed a place apart.

We are blessed to be part of a community that supports our continued focus on our values and how we can serve others. We believe that as individuals we learn from one another to become mindful and self-aware members of a community. With a stronger sense of self and a life of compassion, our own being can create a positive impact wherever we travel. Go forth into the world, and thanks be to God!

During 2017 we were able to renovate Dogwood Lodge. Dogwood was originally built in 1949 and is a favorite building for many retreat groups. Your donations helped to modernize the ceiling and improve the lighting in one of the most popular facilities at camp. Our well used Arts and Crafts building also received a much needed refit and your donations helped with the installation of a new roof.

During our summer camp season we were able to offer more scholarships for children within our community to attend our programs. As you know the population New Hope serves in our summer camp includes a wide range of economic levels. Your donations helped to make summer camp a possibility for a child who may have only dreamed of attending.

We have hired a new Program Director, Jim Adams, who will be able to focus on our goal to be known as a “Camp for the Arts.” Our area is brimming with artists and we believe incorporating this concept in this beautiful natural setting would be a wonderful addition to our ministry.

To continue our ministry and current programs, these are our most pressing needs:

o a building to replace the current office space
o increase our scholarship funds
o grow our overnight summer camp program
o create an educational outreach program
o develop a program for the arts

In the past, it has been only through the financial support of many that have made our growth possible. Would you help us to continue our ministry and current programs and help facilitate new growth with your financial gift? Please make a tax-deductible year-end donation to New Hope Camp & Conference Center, Inc., so we can continue to serve our community of which we are a vital part.


Richard Stevens Susan Van Fleet
Executive Director Chair, Board of Directors

New Hope Camp & Conference Center Endowment Fund

The earnings from your endowment donations can sustain and enhance the programs and legacy of New Hope Camp & Conference Center (NHCCC). No contribution is too small. We can accept your tax-deductible donation as a check or transfer of stock and securities. If you wish to include NHCCC in your estate plans, please contact Richard Stevens, or 919-942-4716